Aaron Wegmann

Aaron's way of writing songs is intuitive. His music is not related to any particular style, but is shaped by a personal and organic atmosphere.

Deep voice, deep songs – a torn mind finds peace in the moment of creating. Just playing, just being, detached from the earth, connected to the sky. The guitar helps form free-flowing thoughts, clarifying dialogues with myself. The insights I get along the way, just as if I had been picking apples, I often don't realize till much later.

EP {2023}

Silky Silhouettes is a collection of thoughtful and honest songs. On the first track - In The End - Aaron sings about a universal fear and then faces his own demons in Better Look Alive & Babylon. Creepy Monsters is carried by a haunting blues theme that sounds like the soundtrack to a doomed world.

Together with the subtle instrumentation and sound of the Songs the lyrics form a field of tension, which leads to the fact that the heaviness gets a hopeful lightness.

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Silky Silhouettes

Music & Lyrics: Aaron Wegmann

Vocals & Instruments: Aaron Wegmann, Daniel Gisler, Giuliano Sulzberger, Mattia Ferrari, Mirjana Markovic

Recording & Mixing: Giuliano Sulzberger
Mastering: Richard Dodd

Photo: Dani Steuri

Website: An online media player developed by Joris Noordermeer to create a unique video each time a song is played. The lyrics dynamically search on Unsplash and Pexels for pictures that are randomly selected. The game of words and images starts over and over again: each clip exists only once.

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