Aaron Wegmann

Guitarist, singer, songwriter – Aaron Wegmann has been composing, playing and performing his own music for more than ten years. He has been doing so in different band settings. The 2020 EP Pancha marks his first release as a solo artist. In 2022 new music is set to be released.

Aaron's way of writing songs is intuitive. His sound is not related to any particular style. Instinctively recorded, subtly enriched but left raw in its core, the five songs on Pancha create an organic atmosphere.



Son Of A Gun is based on three chords, a drum machine loop and the hookline '...wanna be a mean mean'. Joker, inspired by the movie of the same name and its main character, slowly increases in intensity and ends in a furious outro. In the tantalizing monotonous Wrong Time, mantric drums are pushing forward the question of the time we were born into. Six O'Clock is an instrumental track that gradually condenses into an almost orchestral sound structure. The EP ends with Bag Of Dreams, a simple tune, a light-hearted moment. 5 songs, 5 stories, 5 moods: Pancha.

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Music & Lyrics: Aaron Wegmann

Vocals & Instruments: Aaron Wegmann, Giuliano Sulzberger, Seraphim von Werra, Dominic Eschmann, Daniel Gisler, Mirjana Markovic

Recording & Mixing: Giuliano Sulzberger
Mastering: Richard Dodd

Web Concept & Design: Hinderling Volkart
Web Development: Joris Noordermeer
Random Visuals: Unsplash β„ Pexels β„ Pixabay
Live Photo: Andrin Fretz

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